Tour de Mont Blanc

The Tour de Mont Blanc, or TMB, is a long-distance hike throughout 3 countries. The trail passes around the Mont Blanc massif in a diamond shape.

Many people either do this hike with a tour company, where their luggage is driven from stop to stop, or else spend their nights in refuges/hotels. We decided to “wild camp” for the whole trip as we are impoverished students! This meant carrying tents, clothes, sleeping bags, water, food etc… But it saved us a huge amount of money! With a bit of preparation, (and a bit of common sense when it comes to finding a place to pitch your tent) it’s very straightforward!

Have a look at our posts tagged “Mont Blanc” for more info on our own experiences there.

Here is a link to the book we used, which was so helpful. It describes the route in both directions, as well as the variants along the route. It even describes the accommodation along the way and has a little drawing of the gradient of incline on each day!



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