Our final hike

So today we have just finished our final hike of the trip!!

We had an interesting night yesterday with delicious local ice-cream, and spent the evening watching the Italy-Uruguay match with a few beers. We tried to walk home but it was absolutely lashing so we had to hang out at the bar for a while. We ended up walking home in the pouring rain for an hour (uphill!) but we were greeted by an incredible sunset when we arrived.


After a rainy dinner we went to bed and slept reeeally well. This morning we woke up to a beautiful sunrise and got a good bit of drying weather before we set off (we washed clothes in the river last night) and headed up for a loop hike.


Long story short: we headed towards Rifiugio Zamboni, but got quite lost in a forest (silly path markings, not our fault!) but we made it out alive! Got plenty of experience rock climbing too 😉

We have just descended to our favourite pub and enjoyed some crepes and ice-cream! We’ll head to our tents for the last time before setting off on an epic journey back to Milan (leaving camp at 7:30am and the boys won’t be back to the city til 10pm).

Monte Rosa has been great but the weather has really beaten us! We’ll be sure to return some day but only when the snow has melted!



2 responses to “Our final hike

  1. Well done everyone.
    Mission accomplished!!!
    I suppose, Aisling, you are already planning another one.!!
    Safe travelling now.

  2. Well done to all of you!
    Safe journey back
    Sinead and David.

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