Made it through the night!

We made it!

Thunderstorm calmed as the night grew darker…and as planned, we are up before sunrise to tackle the hardest of our treks!

Just having breakfast at the moment, but we will soon be setting off from Les Contamines!

Mondays are always harder…

Au revoir!



2 responses to “Made it through the night!

  1. Glad the thunderstorm is over!
    Best of luck with your tough hike today
    Aisling, mind that knee!

  2. You should be almost there by now – hope that knee is holding out. Your Mum is worried about it!!
    Can’t wait to see you and hear all the rest (that storm was really something, and in a mountain setting must have been spectacular!!!)
    Can only see one “response” from me, and I have written at least four!!!!
    Anyway, you know we are thinking of you all the time and “saying a few”!!
    Keep safe.
    Love, Granny Rose n Jim.

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