Under a raging thunderstorm…

After the difficult experiences of yesterday, this morning we woke up with the right spirit to take on a nice and easier day…….at 10 o’clock! :S Since it was a Sunday, we decided it was well deserved! We took a long relaxed breakfast with fresh croissants and sat at actual chairs. We also had partially hot showers! (They were partially freezing too, but anyway…)

We departed from Les Houches and set off to Col du Voza, which is along one of the access routes for climbing Mont Blanc!

View of Mont Blanc from Col du Voza

We had a picnic up there after a very sweaty hike up, and took it nice and slow on the way down.

Action shot

It was extremely warm today, but we managed to cool down at a nice waterfall!

Feeling refreshed

Alan making the most of a trough of water

We struggled to find a nice campsite, and eventually chose one beside a river, 15 minutes from our destination of Les Contamines. There were some grey clouds forming overhead, so 3 of us rushed off to the supermarket and stumbled upon a fête with music and market stalls! Unfortunately we had agreed to eat in tonight so had to head back to the tents to cook on our stove (along with food for the next 2 days as we won’t be passing any shops).

All of a sudden,
A huge bolt of lightning came down right beside us! And the rain started pouring down…
We went hiding into our tents and it is from within the rage of rain, lightning and the torrential river right next to us that we are now in contact with you! We hope to survive the night! (joking, storm is easing away)

Anyway, off to bed now, up at 5 am tomorrow morning as we will be facing the most tremendous hike of the tour – 7.5 hours (5.5 of ascent!) towards our destination, Les Chapieux.
Hopefully we will get enough sleep (river and storm very loud!) and we will be in touch in the morning.

Until then,
Bonne Nuit!

The fantastic 5


One response to “Under a raging thunderstorm…

  1. Gilbert Fagan

    Sorry I am late in joining in the comments. Just enjoyed and scared myself looking at and reading of your thunderstorm experience. I was sitting in a comfortable armchair at the time!!! Congrats to all on a your achievements. Enjoy remainder of tour. You will remember it for a lifetime. Looking forward to more blogs. Will see you soon Aisling. Take care and God Bless. Granda (Gilbert)

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