Collection of photos

We have arrived at Les Houches!

Here’s a picture of our view from last night:


We ended up having a very dramatic day- had a long hike through intense heat, realised that there was no access to water (so had to last the day on a few litres between us), watched a family of marmots, Francy got bitten/stung by insects/plants, we had crêpes at 2520m, played some of the nerdiest games of all time (multilingual buzz and Fibonacci series) and sang Disney songs to keep ourselves alert…..
Aisling’s knee ‘snapped’ so she could no longer walk downhill (certainly not fast enough to get to the supermarket before it closed) and Luca decided to have her hitch-hiked down the mountain. Luckily a lovely Dutch family drove her down.

We got to a Carrefour in the town and did a huge shop for 38euro- woohoo! We’ve had dinner and Normandy cider and are now ready for bed…




2 responses to “Collection of photos

  1. Gilbert Fagan

    Great to hear that all is well. Love from Granda and granny Fagan.

  2. Hi All,
    Aisling please don’t overdo it with your knee.
    You should not push yourself to walk if it is painful
    Can’t wait to see you on Thursday.

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