4/5 of us have arrived in Milan, and we’re spending the day preparing for the trip. We’re sitting around comparing backpacks and equipment, and we’re heading to decathlon later for some last-minute supplies (biodegradable toilet paper and the likes). Tonight Alan will arrive and then we’ll set off early tomorrow morning (6am, lovely…). We’ll be driving to Courmayeur in a 1998 polo that doesn’t have air conditioning and it’s due to be hot!

If any of you are actually reading this blog, here’s some info about our group:

  • 2 Irish people (Aisling and Carl)
  • 2 Italians (Luca and Francesca)
  • 1 German-Irish (Alan)

As such, our posts will be in English or Italian. 

We’ll update our route plan later! A dopo!


3 responses to “Preparation….

  1. carmel schmidt

    Well done great to get the news. Stay safe
    Carmel and Richard

  2. Hi,

    I am attempting Tour du Mont Blanc next month and I would like to ask you about your accommodation while you were doing it. I see that you chose to camp most of the time. I would like to ask if it is allowed because from what i see on the internet, it seems that camping is not allowed along TMB.

    Thank you and your advice is greatly appreciated!

    • Hi,
      We wild-camped for most of the nights, and used campsites every so often. It’s generally illegal below 2500m unless you have permission from the landowner. Sometimes refuges will allow you to camp just outside, meaning you can use the toilets there (but should probably buy a meal/drink in return). Other times you just have to be sensible and find a patch of land that’s out of the way where you won’t bother anyone. Once you pitch your tent late in the day and have moved on at/just after sunrise it should be fine! If in doubt, ask the locals- they can usually advise you.

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